Career Pipe's Mission

Career Pipe's Mission

Career Pipe's MissionCareer Pipe's MissionCareer Pipe's Mission

Career Pipe is a mission-based for-profit, providing under represented young adults a road map to financial independence by training them to become the best sales professionals in NYC. 

Our Approach

Step: 1


We work with Pell-eligible, talented students who are driven, coachable and motivated by achievement and competition. 

Step: 2


Selected students embark on a 6-week sales boot camp to learn the fundamentals of sales and the mindset for success in a professional sales environment.

Step: 3


We assist in placing our students who graduate from our training program with the most relevant entry-level sales roles in our corporate network.

Step: 4


Students are provided one full year of mentorship after placement. This consists of weekly calls with a successful salesperson with up to 10 years of experience who performed a similar role and monthly calls with a mentor from our Sales Legends network. The goal is to ensure their continued success in their new role.