About Us

The Mission

Career Pipe is a mission-based for-profit, providing under represented young adults a road map to financial independence by training them to become the best sales professionals in NYC.

The Story

The founders Eduardo and Scott met at an Enterprise Sales Forum meetup in NYC where we discovered that we had both independently come up with the same idea for an organization like Career Pipe! We were excited to become a team. Eddie is passionate about helping others with their sales career while Scott is passionate about sales, social enterprises, and building small businesses. Having identified gaps in the diversity and general supply of highly skilled sales talent in the market, we made it our mission to groom NYC's next generation of salespeople in a new way. 

The Values

We live by these core values and will teach them in our program. Sales is a very “human” profession, and the best salespeople also tend to be the best people. 

-Commitment To Lifelong Learning & Personal Growth

-Professional Persistence & Accountability



-Strong & Consistent Work Ethic



Go Deeper

In October 2019, Eduardo was featured on a popular sales podcast

If you seek to know more about our CEO and to truly understand our mission, Eduardo shared a lot of information on his life and on his approach to sales in October on the Sales Success Stories podcast.

This highly exclusive podcast only interviews salespeople who finished as the #1 rep on their team. As it happens, Eddie is more than qualified - he finished as the #1 (out of 50) rep on his team for 3 years in a row! 

More here:  https://top1.fm/episode-79-intentional-selling-with-eddie-baez/ 

Or go to your Podcast app and check out Sales Success Stories -> Episode 79: Intentional Selling with Eddie Baez