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Career Pipe aims to provide hiring managers with entry level B2B salespeople who are most likely to succeed. Hire our candidates to help your team hit your sales quotas. We accept top graduates from local colleges into our program, train them in a 6-week Intro to Sales curriculum, and provide ongoing mentorship by the most accomplished local sales pros.

Our scholars are Pell Grant recipients, 60% of who identify as people of color and 62% of who identify as women. We therefore are providing hiring managers with more than simply excellent salespeople – we are providing them with fiscal, demographic, and gender diversity for their work forces.   

Benefits For Corporate Sponsors:

-Expanded workforce demographic diversity 

-No hiring fees for entry level talent (through Q1 2020)

-Decreased cost to hire & train senior sales professionals

-Reduced ramp up times

-Increased retention and employee satisfaction

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