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Career Pipe is focused on a singular mission and purpose: To foster an environment of sales excellence and achievement that will allow our scholars to reach their fullest potential and gain financial independence through a career in professional B2B sales.

Our founders are on a mission to expand the awareness of college graduates about the financial opportunities available to them by pursuing a career in sales. Eduardo has personally experienced the difficulties of learning the technical skills required for the profession due to a lack of sales specific learning and education opportunities in traditional academic settings.

As most seasoned professionals will attest, the profession requires ongoing learning and countless hours of self-education. Many schools across the country are recognizing the gap in education and are making attempts to incorporate B2B sales as part of their curriculum. However, according to the Harvard Business Review only 5% of colleges in the U.S. have formal sales programs.

“10 years ago, I didn’t think of sales as anything other than the retail positions I worked in college where sales transactions were happening daily. Little did I know, I could make a living providing solutions for complex business problems. Sadly, I think many of the members of my community still don’t know that these opportunities exist.” -Eduardo Baez

This gap in the market coupled with a passion to educate students from underrepresented communities about the potential financial opportunities of a career in sales, gave birth to Career Pipe.

Benefits of the Program for Students:

-A road map towards financial independence

-Internship opportunities

-Career development


-An alumni network of like-minded professionals

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