According to the Brookings Institute, a college degree is worth less if the graduate’s family was below 185% of the federal poverty level when they grew up. College graduates from these families achieve an average income of $30k - $50k throughout their career compared to $50k - $100k for graduates from families with an income above that 185% threshold.

Meanwhile, there is a remarkable gap of 40,000 vacant sales roles in NYC alone. Many of these roles are challenging, fulfilling, and financially lucrative. Many of them are with companies whose sales floors lack diversity. Why? Incredibly, fewer than 100 of the 4,000+ colleges in our country have sales programs (Harvard Business Review).

We can bridge the gaps in supply, demand, and diversity of and for top salespeople by offering a clearer pathway for college seniors to enter top sales roles.

Our goal for 2020 is to test and prove this model in NYC so that we can scale it to other cities across the nation. Our ambitious target impact is 5,000 students placed by 2030.

 Brookings Institute Study 

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